For Adults: 

Psychotherapy is a process focuses on awareness and growth of the inner self at a self-determined pace. My therapeutic approach emphasizes on revealing the past unresolved emotional issues on current health, functioning and relationships, and the aim is to alleviate tension in the psyche and ultimately, to foster personal growth and happiness. The length and duration of psychotherapy are dependent on individual needs of clients: some of them may target to remove their undesirable behaviors and improve o verall functioning while others may want to change their personality so as to live better lives. Upon establishment of the therapy goal, I adopt a growth, rather than pathological perspective. In my practice, I have worked with a wide range of clients encountering difficulties in life, at work and in relationships with the following clinical symptoms:

• Mood disorders, e.g. depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorders
• Personality disorders e.g. borderline personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder
• Schizophrenia disorder, Asperger
• Bereavement, grief & loss
• Social phobia, sexual addiction, transgender

Collaboration with other mental health professionals

Depending upon the severity and complexity of issues, some clients may need to consider the addition of medication or other disciplinary approaches to their treatment regime. I will be glad to discuss this with you and provide referrals of health professionals such as psychiatrists, nutritionists and occupational therapists with whom I work in shared treatment.

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